Monday, December 12, 2011

Portfolio and Exit Interview

Working on my Portfolio was quite stressful, for me being a transfer major from a community college, I feel like I was left in the dark about what I needed to do from the beginning of the transfer process. I worked very hard to get my portfolio presentable and to make it look professional. After all of the work that I placed into it, I would be honored to take it and show it off to interviewers. The work up to our exit interviews was also very stressful! I was nervous on what to expect and how to go about answering the questions. One thing that helped was performing Mock interviews, it gave me a more comfortable speaking environment before being placed into the interview itself. I think that more classes should use the mock interviews because it helped to calm my nerves for the real thing. When walking into my real exit interview, my nerves were almost at nothing at all. I was very surprised at how calm I was when I was in the interview. I knew that the material that was being covered was about everything that I had learned in the past two years here at Cortland. I knew what I was talking about and I felt confident about it, because of how prepared my classes got me for it. After walking out of the interview, I felt confident and as a huge stress had been lifted off of my shoulders knowing that there were only a few things that were left until I was into Student Teaching. The only thing that I could think to myself was "I made it!" I am proud to be where I am at and I will continue to grow as a person, educator and coach.  Thank you to SUNY Cortland for what you have prepared me for, to better myself as a Professional.

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