Friday, November 25, 2011

Education Philosophy

            General Education is very important for people. The purpose of school is to get students to learn the skills and material necessary to succeed in life to continue on to get associates, bachelors, master’s degrees and more. It is to prepare students for life, it is the basis for individuals to learn and grow.

            Education has many important parts to it; things that education includes would be curriculum, different instructional approaches, including parents and the community, and the students themselves. The curriculum is a very important part of a student’s education, what a student learns while in school tends to stick with them their entire life, so we as educators need to choose what we teach our students wisely. Curriculum should be an ever changing topic, it should be open to new things and it should include the student’s interests as well as what the educators are supposed to teach in the time allotted. The curriculum should be made fun and entertaining to get the students more interested in the material. Instructional approaches are another important part of education, but the one thing about instructional approaches is that they are different depending on the class that you have. It could change from year to year or even topic to topic, but we as physical educators and educators in general we need to know our students and how they learn best, so we can teach to that learning style. You may even have multiple learning styles in one class, so you need to be flexible to use different instructional strategies at one time. Next in education it is important to include what your parents and community feel is important as well, depending on the community dynamic may have a huge impact on what and how you teach as well, communities and parents are all going to be different wherever you are in the world, so again as educators we need to be flexible and change and modify when needed.

            An ideal school would include an open close nit community allowing for the educators to teach so that the students will succeed. The school leaders would stand by the educators that they hired as long as it is in the interest of the students. There would again be a Top down planning for each subject in education and there would be open communication for all teachers regarding students as well as the curriculum being taught, which an ever changing process is as well. Education is very important for a student’s success in life and we as educators need to take this opportunity to help the students succeed.

Physical Education Philosophy

            Physical Education is one of the most important components of a student’s school day. Physical education teaches students how to move properly, how to stay active outside of the school day as well as things they can do to be physically fit their entire lives. Physical education also incorporates history about different sports and sport skills it is not just getting students in the gymnasium and rolling the students a ball and saying go play. There is so much more behind teaching students to be physically educated individuals. We as physical educators need to make what we are teaching the students something fun and interesting, we need to continually grow and change based on the changing times as well as the prior lessons that we teach, from what worked to what did not work. Physically educated individuals are not only learning the physical component of how to perform the skill, but why the skill or activity is important and where and how we can perform the skill outside of the classroom in our daily lives.

            The ideal Physical education program would include many things. Some of these things would be teachers that are excited to teach different activities and skills, teachers that are willing to work together with all other teachers and school personnel to make sure that the students are successful. There would be Top-down planning and previous set scope and sequence prior to the years start, so that the teachers will all be on the same page. There will be communication between the teachers and the parents of the students, so they know what the students are doing and how their students can succeed. There would be an ever changing curriculum in the physical education classroom, based on past experiences of teaching lessons as well as what the new interests are of the students. The teachers themselves would be educated in what they are teaching and the teachers would want to know as much as possible about their students and their abilities to succeed. Overall, an ideal physical education program would include communication with others as well as students moving 95% of the time in the gymnasium setting. Getting students moving and active is an important concept, getting students physically educated and showing students what they can do now and later in life.

            Physical education is so important not only in a student’s life but everyone’s life. We as physical educators have a great impact on students to become physically educated individuals at a young age, we need to take advantage of this opportunity and run with it, do what we know how to do and help those individuals to succeed in being physically educated.

Athletics Philosophy

             Athletics are very important aspects in a student’s life. Athletics teach students many different things. Some of the things that they learn would include discipline, respect for oneself and others, determination to succeed and do well in everything, multitasking and also team work. All of these skills are important things that people should learn and hold onto in order for people to succeed in life. Athletics also is a way to keep students out of trouble; it gives students something to focus on instead of going out into the society and finding something else to focus on.

The role of the coach is a very important aspect for athletics, without a coach the team cannot run as smoothly as possible. The coach sets the mood of the team and the season. If you have a coach that is not interested in the team or even in the sport it will rub off on the students and deter their interests. The coach needs to be passionate about what they are coaching and they need to make sure that they do everything in their power to allow the students to succeed. The coach is also the mediator for students when it comes to athletics and the “normal” classroom. The coach is the one that needs to set the standards for the athletes with grades and if they do not meet the standards, then they sit down and make a plan of how to help them succeed. I believe that academics are the basis of a good education and that athletics is a plus for students to become more physically active outside of the school day.

The ideal athletic program would include a positive up-beat coaching staff, that knows what they are coaching and that is showing interest in the sport as well as the team’s ability to grow and succeed not only physically but as a team and also academically. I believe that the ideal athletic program will focus on having fun and winning and not just the winning or losing. I believe that an athletic program should also include time for the students to perform their daily skills and enough time to focus on their academics. The ideal program would have all people involved in the athletic program to be on the same page and have each sport to be believed as equal between all. They will give all students an equal opportunity to participate in the athletic program.