Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chapter 2 Questions

1. Cognitive, Affective, and physiological factors have a huge impact on learning. They affect learning because how you are explaining something may be difficult for one or more students to grasp the point. You can say something in many different ways, which will affect the cognitive learning. Affective can impact learning because say there are two students in your classroom that do not get along very well or you have a few students that are being a disruption in the classroom, which can cause an issue. Finally physiological factors can impact learning because students have a wide range of needs, so there can not be just one specific set of educational environment.
2. Teachers can respond to different learning styles in many ways, you can change where you are teaching whether it be inside or outside, with other students or alone, you can play music in the background or not, you can dim the lights or turn them up, you can add colorful posters in the classroom. Depending on the needs of the students in the classroom you can change/adapt/modify, where and when needed.
3. According to Gardner's Theory, he stated that "teachers plan their lessons to incorporate and develop intelligences that go beyond the traditional verbal and mathematical logic"(56). For example, in a history class you can dress up for the particular time period that you are teaching about, you can use dance to express how you are feeling. You are teaching outside of the box, not just for the verbal, but much more.
4.Emotional intelligence influences both teaching and learning. As a teachers you need to be able to read the students and see how they are acting that day, you need to find out what motivates them by observing and asking them. It will also be of great importance to teach the students how to "read" someone, so that they know whether they are in the mood to "fool around" or if they jsut need to be left alone at that point and time. Everyone learns differently and their emotions on topics may be different you need to be able to read this as a teacher and manage your class around these details. If you believe that there are two students that do not get along you are going to remember that when placing them into a group to work on group activities, they may not mesh well together. You should always take that into account.
5. Teachers can meet the diverse needs of an inreasingly multicultural student population by incorporating everything into the classroom, do not just focus on one solid thing. Make sure to make everything broad idea and make the focus more specific.
8. Depending on the school system and the amount of resources allowed/supplied depends on ho the needs of special learners are met in today's society. One way is by determing an IEP or Individualized Educational Program. This program helps to determine what the students need and ways to accomplish these needs. This is an important aspect for making sure that specail learners needs are met, so that they succeed.
9. I do not believe that technology makes racial, class, geographic, and gender divisions worse. I feel as though technology helps individuals who need it. Technology is not necessarily given to students who are in a particular class necessarily. I think that the use of technology in a classroom should be used to help the studens that need those necessities to succeed. I do not think that just because you are in a particular social class or race that you should be given better opportunities then those of a different class and race. Everyone should be equal, so technology should be placed in different settings for those that need it.

Chapter 1 Questions

1. There are many aspects of teaching that can be advantages as well as disadvantages. Hopefully the advantages will keep pushing you to strive as a teacher. Some advantages of teaching could include the idea of working with children on a daily basis, helping them to succeed and grow in not only Physically but Mentally and Emotionally as well. As a teacher we need to work together to help the students to strive and having daily contact with them can help. You can also give the students interaction with you and others, the students can help you stay motivated to help them. Also, you can have caring coworkers, who want to help you to succeed and to also help the students to succeed, which in turn makes your job well worth it. A disadvantage could include having a set routine all day long everyday, even some teachers it could be every year. There is also a lack of respect that comes not only from some students but other professionals and people outside of the teaching profession. I would hope that going into this profession that there are more advantages for you then disadvantages. If you are in this profession for the money then you are going into the wrong profession, some would consider the amount of salary that you will receive as a teacher as a disadvantage, but again hopefully you are more focused on the students learning.
2. Some satisfactions for today's teachers include student interaction, a fun up beat schedule each day. You are being able to teach what you love, while staying physically active. Some complaints that teachers have no in today's society would include the pay. Some feel that the amount of work that they place into getting the year, day and class scheduled is well worth more pay. They are not nearly paid as high as they should be, which I do agree with teachers not only work from 7:30-3, they are planning outside of the school day, staying late to make sure that everything is picked up and set up for the next day. Another complaint is that teachers are not necessarily getting the support from administration and parents as they would like to have. Although depending on the school that you are teaching at you can have a very good connection with the students. For example, while observing at my 256 Experience in the middle school, the teacher there had a very good rapport with parents and would call them after school if there was an issue that day in class(disciplinary). She was able to discuss what they did and how they could possibly improve the next day and what the next step was going to be. Teachers can be very satisfied with their jobs and lets hope that the satisfaction outweighs the complaints.
3.Teaching is and can be considered a profession. We as professionals have to go through years of schooling, we need to become certified in different skills as well as take tests to prove what we know. Just like a doctor we need to know our students we need to go to school and learn the necessity and more. I think that teaching is definitely a profession and there is no way around it. There is no doubt about it.
4.Teaching Preparation has changed over the years. We now need to become board certified to teach in the specified profession, we can and need to be certified in other programs, such as, first aid, CPR, etc. Certifications and qualifications have stepped it up in the years. It becomes harder to become certified, for example within the next year they are changing the amount of tests needed to become certified in NYS to teach. This is just showing more predominantly that it is not as easy to become a teacher now with all the preparation and certifications needed.
5. The National Education Association is "the largest and one of the oldest professional and employee association in the nation"(26). The national is more open to everyone, where the AFT or American Federation of Teachers is more specified to a particular area in the United States, which is affiliated with the labor movement.
6. There are many different traits and characteristics that are needed in order to become a successful teacher.According to the book it states that there are 5 core components to become an effective teacher. The first is that teachers are committed to students and their learning.  In other words the teacher needs to get to know each student and their needs/capabilities, you are willing to change up your lessons so that all students will succeed. Next the teachers know what they are teaching and how to teach to each student. So as a physical education teacher you need to know all components of a sport or skill, so that you can teach the sport or skill correctly. You also need to determine the different modifications that can be done so that you can break down the skill and sport so that it is easy to teach and easy for students to learn. Thirdly, teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning. In other words teachers need to assess each of the skills that the students are learning, you need to make the assessments clear and concise to the students. So if you are testing the different rules for a sport, you need to make sure that you first go over the rules in the class, make sure that they are understood and only test on what you taught. You also need to make sure that you are testing more frequently then not testing. Next, teachers think systematically about their practice and learn from experience. Here is where the teachers need to reflect after each lesson, to see what worked and what did not, maybe change it or modify it as needed. You want to make sure that with every decision that you make it is clear and concise as to why you decided it. You need to think outside of the box and incorporate what you know and what you don't into the lessons. Pull from other teachers that know what they are talking about, "steal" ideas and grow from them. Finally teachers are members of learning communities. As a teacher we need to continue our education even as we already have received our degree. We will go to conferences to gather what seems to be working well in the classroom and to see what has since changed and grown. They work with other professionals to develop curriculum from top down planning and scope and sequence throughout the school year. We are learning and growing as professionals it is a never ending cycle.
6. Finally, do I think that teaching is a good fit for me? I do, I believe that I am a determined person to succeed in what I do. I believe that this trait and quality is important because I am determined to help students succeed, I will learn and like to learn from other professionals about what works and what doesn't. Right now I am a whiteboard and eager to learn from others to see what they know. I am also willing to work with other to help the students succeed, I like to modify so that everyone achieves their goals. I am determined, driven, responsible, compassionate, and a team player. All around I know that this profession is for me!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Extra time to Text in School?!?!?!?

So today I heard that there is a thought going through a school district that they want to expand the amount of time between class periods so that students have time to text one another. They have 3 minutes to get from one class to another right now, but they want to expand that to 5-7 minutes and cut down on the amount of time that the students are physically in the classroom. How crazy is this? I think that it makes no sense for them to do this. Their reasoning behind this thought is because they believe that students are not entirely focused in the classroom because they are more worried about texting and what their friends are doing then they are to pay attention in the classroom. I believe that if they make the decision to expand the amount of time between classes and cut down on the amount of time that the students are actually in class will make many people angry. For one, the tax payers will be angry that their money is going to pay for students to spend time texting as opposed to learning. I believe that they are also showing the students that it is okay to text while in school. When I was in High School the policy was that cell phones were not allowed in the classroom, they were to be left in your lockers and if you were caught with them then they would be confiscated for the rest of the school day. Where did that rule go? Is it still there? And if so, why have the teachers and administration become so lax on the consequences? I think that it would be a poor decision to expand the time between classes to text, if the students can't focus for 40 minutes a class then how are they going to be able to focus in a "real world" job? Its not like you can be standing at a cash register texting your friends while working. You can't as a teacher have your cell phone out and text while teaching. Over all I think that cell phones should be kept in their lockers and/or I think that they should make it a rule they stay in their cars or once they enter the school they are to drop the cell phones off in the office and they can pick them up at the end of the school day. I think this would cut down on the students so called "necessity" to text. What is your opinion on this? Do you think that it makes sense to lengthen the amount of time between classes and decline the amount of time actually in the classroom, just so the students can text one another?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I hope, I believe and I will....

Today I believe that there is a bad reputation for the Physcial Education. As future Physical Educators one of our jobs is to remove this bad reputation! Check out my thoughts and ideas based around three main points, I Believe, I hope and I will.....Check me out on Youtube - HillsStephanie!

Monday, September 5, 2011

First Session 470

I'm trying to get the handle on everything that needs to be set up for my 470 class. It is hard trying to get the hang of all of the technical portions of the class. Setting up a blog account, gmail and twitter. I do not usually twitter or blog, but it is always a good thing to try new techniques.

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