Friday, November 25, 2011

Education Philosophy

            General Education is very important for people. The purpose of school is to get students to learn the skills and material necessary to succeed in life to continue on to get associates, bachelors, master’s degrees and more. It is to prepare students for life, it is the basis for individuals to learn and grow.

            Education has many important parts to it; things that education includes would be curriculum, different instructional approaches, including parents and the community, and the students themselves. The curriculum is a very important part of a student’s education, what a student learns while in school tends to stick with them their entire life, so we as educators need to choose what we teach our students wisely. Curriculum should be an ever changing topic, it should be open to new things and it should include the student’s interests as well as what the educators are supposed to teach in the time allotted. The curriculum should be made fun and entertaining to get the students more interested in the material. Instructional approaches are another important part of education, but the one thing about instructional approaches is that they are different depending on the class that you have. It could change from year to year or even topic to topic, but we as physical educators and educators in general we need to know our students and how they learn best, so we can teach to that learning style. You may even have multiple learning styles in one class, so you need to be flexible to use different instructional strategies at one time. Next in education it is important to include what your parents and community feel is important as well, depending on the community dynamic may have a huge impact on what and how you teach as well, communities and parents are all going to be different wherever you are in the world, so again as educators we need to be flexible and change and modify when needed.

            An ideal school would include an open close nit community allowing for the educators to teach so that the students will succeed. The school leaders would stand by the educators that they hired as long as it is in the interest of the students. There would again be a Top down planning for each subject in education and there would be open communication for all teachers regarding students as well as the curriculum being taught, which an ever changing process is as well. Education is very important for a student’s success in life and we as educators need to take this opportunity to help the students succeed.

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