Friday, November 25, 2011

Athletics Philosophy

             Athletics are very important aspects in a student’s life. Athletics teach students many different things. Some of the things that they learn would include discipline, respect for oneself and others, determination to succeed and do well in everything, multitasking and also team work. All of these skills are important things that people should learn and hold onto in order for people to succeed in life. Athletics also is a way to keep students out of trouble; it gives students something to focus on instead of going out into the society and finding something else to focus on.

The role of the coach is a very important aspect for athletics, without a coach the team cannot run as smoothly as possible. The coach sets the mood of the team and the season. If you have a coach that is not interested in the team or even in the sport it will rub off on the students and deter their interests. The coach needs to be passionate about what they are coaching and they need to make sure that they do everything in their power to allow the students to succeed. The coach is also the mediator for students when it comes to athletics and the “normal” classroom. The coach is the one that needs to set the standards for the athletes with grades and if they do not meet the standards, then they sit down and make a plan of how to help them succeed. I believe that academics are the basis of a good education and that athletics is a plus for students to become more physically active outside of the school day.

The ideal athletic program would include a positive up-beat coaching staff, that knows what they are coaching and that is showing interest in the sport as well as the team’s ability to grow and succeed not only physically but as a team and also academically. I believe that the ideal athletic program will focus on having fun and winning and not just the winning or losing. I believe that an athletic program should also include time for the students to perform their daily skills and enough time to focus on their academics. The ideal program would have all people involved in the athletic program to be on the same page and have each sport to be believed as equal between all. They will give all students an equal opportunity to participate in the athletic program.

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