Monday, October 10, 2011

Why I chose Physical Education as my Major?

Physical Education has been a very important part of my life. I have played sports since I was five years old. Even before then I can remember me and my sister just going outside and playing games, running around inside playing tag and hide and seek. I have been active for my entire life. I did not first choose to become involved in the Physcial Education Major, I took a long widy road to get to where I am now. Ever since I was 14 years old I said that I was going to go to college to become a Veterinarian. My first job and one of my jobs now is working at an animal hospital where I was getting first hand experience into the life of a Veterinarian. Everyday was different there were emergenices that would walk into the door, and you would need to just go with the flow. When I finally graduated High school, I was accepted to Wells College which was a private college where I was pursuing my degree in Veterinary Medicine. While at Wells, I struggled to want to focus on my classes, I would have rather go and play a pick up game of basketball or play softball then to focus on my school work. That was a turning point in my educational plan. After two years of pursuing a degree in Veterinary Medicine I decided that this was not the degree that I wanted to pursue anymore. I did not have the passion for it as I had hoped. So I went home over christmas break and sat down with my parents and broke the news to them. I thought they were going to be disappointed in me for changing my mind after being so set on becoming a Veternarian, but to my surprise, they were actually very happy with my decision. All they kept sayiing is that they can picture me being a Physicaal Educator or a coach, since that has been such a big part of who I am. In high school I was a three sport athlete all year round every year starting in 7th grade, so this was a good start for me. I then enrolled at Finger Lakes Community College where I began to pursue and start my education over in my new field of Physical Education. While attending Finger Lakes Community College, I took an english class for one of my general education classes. In this class the instructor asked us to think of a person that could have inspired us to become what we are and we were going to write a letter to them explaining how they impacted our lives and why they were so important to us. I chose to write about my Varsity Basketball coach, he was also the Guys Physical Education Teacher in our High School. He was new to the school when I started JV and he was not afraid to step outside of his boundaries to make us better not only as a person but as a team as well. He taught me that you can not get anywhere by yourself, everything you do is dependent on other team memebers. For example, you can not succeed in school if it were not for your coachs, teachers, parents, etc. He inspired me tremendously. When I finished writing the letter, we sent it out to the teachers, coaches, etc. This jsut showed me that there were people who inspired me to succed and to be the best I could and he made me realize that I wanted to be the one to inspire students as well. I went on and received my associates in Science of Physical Education at Finger Lakes Community College and transferred into SUNY Cortland in hopes of completeing my Bachelor's degree in Physical Education. As you can see I have had a nice windy road to get to where I am, but I know one thing is for sure, this is where I want to be from now on! I want to inspire students to perform at their best and to succeed and have a successful, healthy future.

*I did get a response back about my letter: My parents ran into my old coach at a community function and he stated that he received a letter from me a while back, and he has it framed in his office, and he asked that they thank me for him for the letter, because it truly inspires him to continue on everyday.

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